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Humphreys Dance (Biannual)
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Jump Rope For Heart  (Biannual)
Please note: the previous year's information about the event will remain until closer to the date. Please see the Year Planner for acurate dates for the current year.

For whole school Sporting events please see the sporting page.

Parent Information Night - 7th February 2017

The purpose of this is to allow your child’s teacher to introduce themselves and talk about expectations and activities. The sessions will be of 20-30 minute duration and there will be time for questions. This is a fantastic opportunity to have a look in the classrooms and get to know your child’s teacher.
The times for each class are below. There will be two sessions for each class so families can choose.
                                                                                 Session 1  Session 2
Education Support Centre Classes                               5.00            
Rooms          EC3, EC6, EC7                                      5.00             5.30
Rooms          EC1, EC2, EC5, EC4                              5.30             6.00
Rooms          1,2,3,5,6,8,9,20,21                                  5.30             6.00
Rooms          7,10,11,15,16,28,27,26                            6.00             6.30
Rooms          29,18,19,22,23,24,30                               6.00             6.30
Individual parent/teacher discussions are not possible on this night. If you require a personal conversation about your child’s education please arrange an interview time by contacting the school - a message can be forwarded to your child’s classroom teacher.
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Learning Journey - 12th September 2017

All classrooms will be open to parents on September 12th from 5pm to 7pm. Children have prepared a journey through their classrooms for parents to show what happens in the classroom every day. All children and teachers have been working hard to make sure the classrooms are filled with fantastic work.

We believe education involves a three-way partnership between child, family and school. We look forward to all coming together on this special night to share a greater understanding of your child’s progress.

Our teachers use a variety of teaching strategies to achieve outcomes across the eight learning areas and the aim of this night is to give your child the opportunity to show you a snap shot of the learning activities they have taken part in and what they have learnt from the experience. Your child will have a prepared personal itinerary of activities he/she wishes to share with you. As you journey together please discuss each activity and ask questions so you may explore how and what your child has learnt. Due to limited time, teachers are not available for individual parent meetings. If you have specific questions to ask teachers, appointments can be made through the front office or with your child’s teacher for a mutually convenient time. An interview request sheet is available in each classroom.
Don't forget to visit the Undercover Area where the Phys-Ed teachers will have games and fun, the Science rooms will be ready to explore, the Humanities activities will be in the library and will take you back in time while the Health room will show you how to be healthy.
Class opening times 
Kindy Classes   5.00 to 6.00pm
Pre Primary to Year 6   5.30 to 7.00 pm 
Specialist Classes will be open 5.30pm to 7.00pm 
O’Connor Education Support   5.00 to 6.00pm 

Learning Journey Invite





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School Photos - Thursday 9th, Friday 10th, Monday 13th March 2017

Please note that times will be approximations only and while we endeavour to adhere to the timetable, unforeseen circumstances do sometimes arise.
Photo Timetable  (updated7th march 11.30am)
Student Leaders will require the correct t-shirts (councillor or faction colours) and badges for their special photo - date to be advised. Normal blue school t-shirts are required for all other photos.
The photographers will be taking family and sibling photos again this year. A payment envelope must be collected from the office and completed before the photos will be taken. Family photos will be taken before school on each of the days between 8.30am and 9.00am. Envelopes will be available from Monday and range in price from $30 to $60 a pack, please see the sample envelope and the sample photos as a guide (prices are subject to change and all enquiries should be made to the photographer).
This year, only online payment for individual photos will be accepted. a letter with each child's individual shoot key is sent home to parents. Please visit the MSP online order website to log on, order the photos and pay. As a guide only the pricing ranges from $15 to $65.
The school does not handle any of the money or orders. For all information plesae contact the photographers on 1800069976 or at their website.
MSP (the school photographers) have advised us that payment can be made online only up to two weeks after the photo date for individual student photos. Family photos need to be paid for on the day using the payment envelope collected from the school office. For all late orders a $20 processing fee will be charged by MSP.
The school does not handle any of the money or orders.
Photo Timetable  (updated7th march 11.30am)


School Disco 2017

School Discos are held once a term and are organised by the Student Councillors with assistance from staff. The dates scheduled for 2017 are:
Term 1 - 23rd March -  Slip Slop Slap at the Beach
Term 2 - 4th May -
Term 3 - 7th September - Birthday Party
Term 4 - 19th October - Sports Star
The dates are subject to change. Parents will be notified each term of the dates, times and themes of each disco.
The next school disco  will be in Term 4 - 19th October

 Humphreys Dance 5th to 16th September 2016

Information and details will be updated as soon as possible. Please use last year's details (listed below) as guide only.
Please note this is a biannual event and will be next held in 2018.

Information from 2016

Students participate in 5 one hour lessons over the week, ending in a disco to showcase the skills they have learnt nad the fun they have had. The cost is $30 per child (families of more than 2 children, only pay for 2 - 3rd and next children are free). Parent information 
Junior (PP-3) Dance Week
5th to 9th September
Disco - free for dance participants only (including Kindy children)
Friday 9th September
Kindy to Year 1 - 4.30 to 5.45
Year 2 and 3 - 5.45 to 7pm
Senior (4-6) Dance Week
12th to 16th September
Disco - free for dance participants only - Friday 16th September
4.30 to 6.00pm
Preferred payment method
Payment can be made by Direct Debit
BSB: 016710   Account: 340876981
Reference: Child Surname

Please be aware that direct deposit can take up to two business days.


Please note this is a biannual event and will be next held in 2018.

 Family Picnic Day 2017

Each term on the last Wednsday we have a Family Picnic Day.  Parents are welcome to bring a picnic rug and a picnic lunch to share with children.
Lunch times:
Preprimary to Year 6 - 12.45pm to 1.25pm
Kindy 12.30pm to 1.30pm


2017 Family Picnic Days
Term 1 - 5th April
Term 2 - 28th June
Term 3 - 20th September 
Term 4 - 13th December
Classwork Photos 

Harmony Day - 21st March 2017


Please join your children for a picnic lunch at school on Harmony Day. There will be a display of class work that children have been doing in the lead up to Harmony Day about bullying and conflict.

Learning the difference between conflict and bullying is an important step in developing resilience and increasing the chances of having a good time at school and the wider community.
A definition of bullying. Bullying is repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological behaviour that is harmful and involves the misuse of power by an individual or group towards one or more persons. Cyberbullying refers to bullying through information and communication technologies.
Conflict, which happens in all areas of life and is a normal part of communicating, can be defined as A state of disagreement or disharmony between persons or ideas; a clash. Children can work through conflict and learn to agree to disagree. It is important to know that not everyone needs to agree or get along, but everyone must be polite!
For ideas to help your children please vist the Bullying No Way! website.
Please come along and join us.
Classwork Photos 2016


O'Connor Day 10th August 2017 

Information and details will be updated as soon as possible. This year O'Connor Day will coincide with the school's 21st anniversary celebarations. Please use last year's details (listed below) as guide only.
Information from 2015
O'Connor Day was designed to celebrate and reflect on the historical aspects of the school’s namesake, C.Y. O'Connor, using History, Indigenous history and Sustainability as the main focus for student learning experiences on the day. It also coincides with National Water week which gives the day an even stronger emphasis.

ANZAC Ceremony 7th April 2017

The school ANZAC Ceremony will be held on the 7th of April. The Student Councillors will lead the school and the Choir will sing. Parents are welcome to join us at 9am. Our special guest in 2017 is to be announced. Please see the program
ANZAC Choir performance Parent letter 4th April
This year we learnt that the purple poppy represents the animlas of war and the sacrifices they made.
Class photos 2015 - Room 7, Room 27, Room 29, EC6, EC 7, EC 1 ANZAC biscuits
2016 Photos -  Room 21 Anzac Biscuits - 1, 2,
Class photos 2017

In 2016 Mrs Roadnight made a special blanket out of crocheted poppies. It was beautifully displayed again at the 2017 ceremony.
Head Boy, Josh Campbell, and Councillor Emily Bowden laid a wreath at the school service while Josh and Head Girl, Meg Cusick, attended the Dawn Service in Kalgoorlie to lay a wreath.
We thank Nathan Wilson who plays the bagpipes at the ANZAC service each year. He is parent to Isabella and Lachlan.
 Mr Tony Banner from the Kalgoorlie RSL addressed the assembly to remind us of the importance of ANZAC.

Book Week 2017 - 19th August to 25th August

The theme this year is 'Escape to Everywhere'. More information can be found in theBook Week Information Letter

Competition time:

Collins Bookstore Match the Book to the Teacher competition. Download the sheet here. Please send your answers to via email (just type the matching number and letter) or print and drop off the answer sheet to the office (don't forget your name and room number).

Prizes (donated by Collins Book Store) will be drawn at assembly on Thursday 24th August at 2pm. Please send answers by 9am.
First Prize $40
Second Prize $20
Third Prize $10

Competition sheet

Answer Sheet


Book Parade

The book parade is on Tuesday 22nd August at 9am for Kindy-Year 2 and 9.45am for Year 3-6. There will be prizes for PP-Year 6 Dress as your favourite book or book character and create an innovative costume based on the theme Escape to Everywhere 
For cotume ideas please see these suggestions. Remember, the idea behind Book Week is to read books - choose a favourite book before deciding on a costume.
Photos 2016

 Remembrance Ceremony 2017 - 10th November
The school Remembrance Ceremony will be held on the 10th of November. The Student Councillors will lead the school and the choir will sing. Parents are welcome to join us at 9am. Our special guest in 2017 is to be announced. Please see the program.

End of Year Concert 6th December 2017 

The End of Year Concert will be held on the Wednesday 6th of December 2017 from 6pm. Children in PrePrimary to Year 6 are to arrive at 5.45 for set up. Each year group will perform a song and book prizes will be awarded. The incoming student leaders will be announced and we will wish the Year 6s a happy and safe farewell from primary school. Parent information letter will be sent home in November.
Extra details about costumes will be posted on individual year group pages (found under the "students" heading) during December.
Concert Program - parent copy
Parents are kindly asked to wait until the end of the concert to collect children (except PrePrimary children who will sit with their parents straight after their item).
2017 Concert, costume and year group information
Kindy Concert Information  Kangaroos-Joeys-Echidnas (Monday 4th December) and Goannas, Emus and Possums (Tuesday 5th Decemebr)
Pre Primary students End of Year concert information

NAIDOC Activities - 5th September 2017 

NAIDOC activities are planned to recognise and celebrate indigenous culture in Australia. There are a varitey of activities planned and special guest have been invited to give talks and share activities. Parent helpers are always welcome and we encourage you to contact the school if you would like to help.
Please stay for Picnic Lunch after - begining at 12.45pm
Parent Letters
Photos from 2016
Photos from 2015

 Jump Rope For Heart Tuesday 20th September 2016
Information and details will be updated as soon as possible. Please use last year's details (listed below) as guide only.
Please note this is a biannual event and will be next held in 2018.
Information from 2016 
Online donations only will be accepted this year. Click here for a direct link to the fund raising page.
Our school is participating in Jump Rope for Heart – a fantastic physical activity and fundraising program by the Heart Foundation.
Jump Rope for Heart is a great way for your child to keep fit and learn new skills but it also helps raise funds for vital heart research and education programs.

It’s really important you register your child online so they can receive the full benefits of the program and also participate in online fundraising. Simply follow the link below to get started. 


Biggest Morning Tea 26th May 2017


Information from 2016


2016 Photos EC 6