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 School History

O'Connor is located in Kalgoorlie-Boulder and was named after Charles Yelverton O'Connor, the Chief Engineer for Western Australia from 1891 until his death in 1902. C Y O'Connor designed and, for the most part, guided the construction of the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme that first brought water to Kalgoorlie in 1903, as it does today.  Kalgoorlie-Boulder has a population of over 30,000 and lies 600 km east of Perth. It is primarily a mining and service city. O'Connor Primary was constructed in 1996 and has grown steadily to reach a population of 776 students from Kindergarten to Year Six with Indigenous students making up 17% of the student population. 

The school features a well appointed library, undercover area and canteen as well as specialist teaching areas for Music and Science. The Oasis Recreation Centre is located beside the school and is used extensively by the school for swimming lessons, sporting programs and lunchtime sport activities.  Specialist teaching programs are provided in the areas of Science, Physical Education, Arts, Humanities and Library Studies. The school site also houses the O'Connor Education Support Centre. Both schools run a very successful integration program that provides many opportunities for inclusion across a broad range of activities. The integration program is an 'Excellence in Education' award winner.


The school was upgraded with a new library and a 5 classroom teaching block completed in December 2010. In 2011, the new school logo was launched - along with the new IPS status, it signifies a significant change in the school.




In 2015 the CY O'Connor Dux Medallion was commissioned. The Dux Medallion is awarded to a student in Year 6 with outstanding and very high academic achievement across all learning areas at school. The inaugural winners were Celeste Prowse and Mitchell Raiskums, two worthy and talented students who both display extremely high academic achievement.






21st Birthday Celebrations
















O’Connor Primary School Kalgoorlie opened its doors in 1996. The first Principal was John Mann. O’Connor Education Support Centre (co-located) also opened and the first Principal was Jarna Craig (Wright).
We are celebrating turning 21 this year with an open day and special assembly at 2pm. An afternoon tea with refreshments will be held in the staffroom from 3pm. All past and present staff, students and community are invited.







                                  The first playground                                                                The front office



                                  The whole school in 1996                                                            The snake area

The first staff

Pride of O'Connor

The Pride of O'Connor medal is awarded to a group, a person or a program that demonstrates the school community spirit of Friendship and Achievement.
The inagural Pride of O'Connor medal was awarded to Mr Tim Zanotti for his work in the first O'Connor Day whole school celebration. He led a team of staff and students to organise a fun filled day that celebrated the school's name sake CY O'Connor and Water Wise. The students particiapted in activities learning about CY O'Connor, water and the school.
In 2016 the medal was awarded to Mr Ashley Sims for being the driving force behind O'Connor Primary School becoming the first public SunSmart school in Kalgoorlie.

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School Hours

Normal school hours are 8.40am to 2.50pm.
First bell - 8.30am: Children go to classrooms to set up for the day. All classroom doors are opened.
Second bell - 8.40am: lessons start.
8.40 to 10.55 - Teaching Period 1 and 2
Recess bell - 10.35am to 10.55am: children sit down to eat. There is a two minute warning to go to the toilet and get a drink.
10.55 to 12.45 - Teaching Period 3 and 4
Lunch bell - 12.45pm to 1.25pm: children sit for 15 minutes to eat lunch then play. There is a two minute warning to go to the toilet and get a drink.
1.25 to 2.50 - A half hour is spent teaching whole school focus and then Teaching Period 5
End of the Day bell - 2.50pm: students are encouraged to go straight home.

Term Dates


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Around the Grounds 

Welcome to our school. It features shady areas and a welcoming front.

A number of projects were completed over the holidays. We had a new play area put in behind the office. This is very engaging for the junior students and the games they play adds variety to break times. There was also work done in the Kindy and Pre Primary areas with new grass and the removal of some air conditioner compounds to make more space.
One project in 2015 was the removal of the evaporative air-conditioners throughout the school. They have been replaced with split systems. This will hopefully make the rooms more comfortable at the extreme ends of the weather we have in Kalgoorlie. Thank you to Russell Refrigeration for their work. This was funded through Departmental funds.

Another project was the new steps from the back of the undercover area onto the oval. This area was in the past a sloping dirt patch that would never retain grass and became messy when wet. The new stepped area looks fantastic and should be a bonus for watching activities on the oval and be far more user friendly for classes to go out and read, etc. Thank you to Brad Neve of Kaltic for his excellent work and to the P&C for funds towards this project. The fundraising efforts of the P&C are to be commended and all funds raised go towards many projects in the school. I urge all parents to get involved in their activities and meetings.  


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 Annual Report

An Annual Report is produced each year to highlight the achievements of the school. The Annual Report is produced in March of the following year.

Please view the Annual Reports by year              2014        2015       2016

Triannual Review  

The school is independently reviewed at the end of each three year cycle to assess the effectiveness and achievements of staff, students and the school based on the Business Plan. The next review is scheduled for 2016.