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At O’Connor Primary School students have the opportunity to participate in a range of Sports Carnivals. While we celebrate achievement and wish the students hoping to qualify for the Interschool Team luck, we also encourage and celebrate having a go and participation. Parents and carers and always encouraged to come and support their children at these events. The aim of all the carnivals is to promote fitness and fun through competitive sports. The carnivals at O’Connor Primary School include: Swimming Carnival and Water Fun Day, Cross Country Carnival, Athletics Carnival, Summer and Winter Lightning Carnivals. Selected students who do well in the OPS Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals are invited to represent the school at Interschool Carnivals. More information about each of these events is released when dates have been set for each school year.
Students are encouraged to wear bucket hats and the appropriate t-shirts at these events, both of which are available from the Uniform Shop.
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