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To assist parents and families of Pre Primary students, the Department of Education produce a booklet to help parents know what to expect when their children start school. 

Morning Tea:

Pre Primary children will have their own individual morning tea at recess time each day. Skills of indepenence and the ability to manage your own food are taught by the teachers. Children are encouraged to only bring fruit or vegetables for the morning tea snack. Please place the snack in your child's lunchbox as teachers will help children identify how to select a small snack and save their remaining food for lunch. If you would like assistance please see your child's classroom teacher.


On Entry Assessment Program:

During Weeks 3 – 6 of Term 1, your child will be participating in the Department of Education’s state-wide On-entry Assessment Program. The main purpose of the program is to provide teachers with an opportunity, early in the year, to collect information on the essential literacy and numeracy skills and understandings of each child in their class. This will assist your child’s teacher to develop informed and intentional teaching for play-based programs, designed to foster each child’s learning, reflective of individual needs. Information sheets have been made to help parents understand the testing.

Please see the PrePrimary OnEntry Testing Parent Information and the key messages sheet for more information. Additional information can also be found by accessing the On-entry Assessment Program website.  

To assist parents in understanding the results of the On-entry Assessment program at O'Connor Primary, a parent meeting will be arranged and parents will be informed as soon as information becomes available. For more information see your child's classroom teacher.


Education Assistants:

EA's work with the classroom teachers in the classrooms and playground to ensure positive outcomes for all students in PrePrimary. The Education Assistants go with the children to the specialist classes. The assistants prepare resources, work alongside children and support the teacher where needed. The Education Assistants in Pre Primary are Mrs Susan Tagliaferri, Mrs Toni Gregory, Mrs Ngaire Hall, Mrs Noelene Gallo, Ms Fiona Kelly, Ms Rhonda Murphy, Mrs Marnie Crombie and Mrs Di Binet.