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  • Interschool Carnival

    20230920_134307.jpg 20230920_135849.jpg 20230920_134231.jpg 20230920_140039.jpg 20230920_133029.jpg 20230920_133540.jpg 20230920_133005.jpg 20230920_132510.jpg 20230920_132708.jpg 20230920_132410.jpg 1/2 Anchor 1 Interschool Carnival At O’Connor Primary School students have the opportunity to participate in a range of Sports Carnivals. While we celebrate achievement and wish the students hoping to qualify for the Interschool Team luck, we also encourage and celebrate having a go and participation. Parents and carers and always encouraged to come and support their children at these events. The aim of all the carnivals is to promote fitness and fun through competitive sports. The carnivals at O’Connor Primary School include: Swimming Carnival and Water Fun Day, Cross Country Carnival, Athletics Carnival, Summer and Winter Lightning Carnivals. Selected students who do well in the OPS Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals are invited to represent the school at Interschool Carnivals. More information about each of these events is released when dates have been set for each school year. Students are encouraged to wear bucket hats and the appropriate t-shirts at these events, both of which are available from the Uniform Shop. BACK

  • Early Childhood

    Early Childhood National Quality Standard School staff use the National Quality Standard to optimise development and learning in Kindergarten to Year 2. A continuous reflection and improvement cycle is embedded to reflect on practices, identify strengths, identify areas for improvement and monitor progress. The National Quality Standard (NQS) includes seven quality areas: Educational program and practice Children’s health and safety Physical environment Staffing arrangements Relationships with children Collaborative partnerships with families and communities Governance and leadership The current focus at O'Connor Primary School is: Physical Environment The physical environment is our current focus to support children’s wellbeing, creativity and developing independence. We plan to provide a diverse range of experiences that promote children’s learning and development whilst creating spaces that keep children safe. Home

  • Excursions

    20230921_101551.jpg 20230921_120619.jpg 20230921_120624.jpg 20230921_100715.jpg 20230921_120628.jpg 20230921_120635.jpg 20230915_132500.jpg received_1035357244133822.jpeg 20230915_133902.jpg 20230915_130404.jpg 1/2 Anchor 1 Excursions ​ BACK

  • Newsletter

    The Pipeline Newsletter 20th September 2023 nature playground.jpg boomerangs.jpg I- Play Parties.jpg Slide31.JPG 1/1 Our students are loving coming to school every day! Principal's Report End of Term Two Term 2 has flown by with a number of events throughout the term. Some include Humphreys Dance, swimming lessons for Pre Primary, Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC Week and our Cross Country which was held yesterday. The weather has been very cold, but has not interfered with our major events. NAIDOC Week was a fabulous week with a huge variety of events. Congratulations to the RAP Committee and the Student RAP Group for organising and managing all the events. It was a wonderful celebration of our community. Faction Cross Country Yesterday was our Faction Cross Country. Congratulations to all our students who ran in the events and to Ora Banda who won overall. There were some very fast times with a number of records broken. I think the training, during the previous weeks, certainly assisted or the cold weather might have just made them run faster to get it over and done with. Congratulations to Miss Winter, Miss Versace and Miss O’Boyle for their organisation prior to the event and the running of the day. Term 3 Tomorrow is our last day for the term. Term 3 already looks busy with four weeks of swimming lessons. Years 1 to 6 will be swimming one of the fortnights during Weeks 3 to 6. All paperwork has been sent out and registrations completed. I am sure the students taking part will gain a lot from the lessons. We will also be preparing for our Athletics Carnival in Week 8. Another highlight of the term is our Learning Journey night in Week 9. This gives parents and extended family a great opportunity to visit classrooms. Staffing Staffing wise we do not have too many changes. We have two new teachers starting next term to assist with relief at this stage, and possibly take any other vacancies later in the year. Mrs Ollington is going on maternity leave later in the term and has finished in her HaSS role. A letter was sent out earlier in the week outlining the teachers taking over that particular role. School Holidays I hope everyone has a wonderful break and you are able to get over any illness that has been going around recently. School recommences for students on Tuesday 18 July. See you next term. . . Community News

  • Year Six Graduation Photos

    Year Six Graduation Photos The Year Six students will be having their graduation photo taken on Thursday 12th October by MSP Photography. 13 October 2021 at 1:00:00 am Please make sure your child is wearing their leavers shirt, if they have one. The photos will be given out at the graduation ceremony. Anchor 1 BACK

  • Learning Journey

    Learning Journey Please join us on Tuesday 12th September to celebrate the progress your child is making at school. 12 September 2023 at 9:00:00 am We believe education involves a three-way partnership between child, family and school. We look forward to everyone coming together on this special night to share a greater understanding of your child's progress. Anchor 1 BACK

  • Last Day of Term Three

    Last Day of Term Three Friday 22nd September is the last day of Term Three for students. We look forward to seeing them back on Tuesday 10th October to start Term Four. 22 September 2023 at 6:50:00 am ​ Anchor 1 BACK

  • P&C General Meeting

    P&C General Meeting There will be a P&C General Meeting held on Monday 18th September. All parents are invited, and encouraged, to come along. The meeting will be held in the Staff Room at 7:00pm. Come and be actively involved in supporting your school in fundraising, events, canteen, uniform shop and classrooms. Represent your views on matters within the school community. 18 September 2023 at 11:00:00 am O’Connor Schools’ P&C is a combined P&C of both O’Connor Primary School and O’Connor Education Support Centre. We support and look out for the interests of all of our children’s educations. Come and be actively involved in supporting your school in fundraising, events, canteen, uniform shop and classrooms. Represent your views on matters within the school community. Anchor 1 BACK

  • Term Four 2023

    Term Four 2023 The first day for students in Term Four is Tuesday 10th October. The office is open from Monday 9th October between 9.00am and 4.00pm. 10 October 2023 at 12:30:00 am ​ Anchor 1 BACK

  • Learning Journey

    Learning Journey ​ Downloads Initiatives Page

  • Classes

    Classrooms Early Kindergarten EC 5 | Echidnas EC 6 | Goannas EC 6 | Kangaroos EC 7 | Joeys EC 7 | Emus Pre-Primary EC 1 EC 2 EC 3 EC 4 Year One Room 1 Room 2 Room 5 Room 6 Junior Year Two Room 3 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9 Year Three Room 27 Room 28 Room 29 Room 30 Room 31 Middle Year Four Room 26 Room 10 Room 11 Room 15 Year Five Room 16 Room 18 Room 19 Senior Year Six Room 22 Room 23 Room 24 BACK

  • Specialist Programs

    Specialists Specialist Areas O'Connor Primary is well equipped to provide a range of specialist learning areas for our students. The specialist classes compliment the classroom activities while providing targeted and dedicated learning in a specific area. Please see the links below for more detail. HaSS Science Languages The Arts Phys Ed BACK

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